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Forms & Policies


Inventor Guide
The Boise State Inventor Guide contains information in an easy to read question and answer style format.

TECenter Commercialization Process Model
The Boise State TECenter Commercialization Process Model contains information on the process from Concept to Market.

Invention Disclosure Form
Use this form to report an invention to Boise State.

Creation of Works Disclosure Form
Use form to report an invention or creation of works to Boise State.

Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement
This form may be used to discuss confidential topics in the process of identifying a collaboration opportunity.   Please contact University and Industry Ventures for instructions.

Uniform Biological Material Transfer Agreement
This form may be used to transfer biological materials between research institutions and commercial entities.  Click here to learn more.

Patent and Technology Exclusive License Agreement Short Form
Patent and Technology Exclusive License Agreement Short Form Standard Terms and Conditions
A major objective of the 2014 Strategic Plan for the Boise State University Division of Research and Economic Development is to support the economic development of the region and the state by creating an open and transparent working relationship with industry. In direct support of that objective, we have created a one-page license agreement for use with industry partners. Our hope is to increase the efficiency of negotiating licensing agreements for Boise State University Intellectual Property and to escalate the transfer of our technology to the marketplace for the benefit of our community, state, and industry. We welcome any comments or feedback you may have regarding our one-page license agreement.

Senior Design Program: Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

Senior Design Program: Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights

Senior Design Program: Non-Exclusive Patent and Technology License Agreement