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Civility Matters

HeronCivility is an authentic respect for others requiring time, presence, a willingness to engage in genuine discourse, and an intention to seek common ground.

This site provides a useful venue for civility ‘matters’ such as practical resources, scientific research, and innovative ideas to foster civility in communities. Civility ‘matters’ because treating one another with respect is requisite to effective communication, community building, and finding common ground. Without civility, we miss opportunities to really listen and understand others’ points of view. Civility is not equivalent to censorship, but instead is needed to bring decorum to discourse.

Dr. Cynthia (Cindy) Clark

CindyClarksmDr. Clark is an award-wining tenured professor, professor emeritus, nurse consultant for ATI Nursing Education, and a licensed registered nurse with more than 30 years of experience in health care practice and academic settings. Her groundbreaking work on fostering civility has brought national and international attention to the controversial issues of incivility in academic and work environments. Her theory-driven interventions, empirical measurements, theoretical models, and reflective assessments provide “best practices” to prevent, measure, and address uncivil behavior and to create healthy workplaces. Her workshops and seminars are highly regarded, custom designed, relevant, interactive, and thoroughly engaging.