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Sponsored project life step 1: Find Funding

The following resources will help you identify funding opportunities and make connections to advance your research.  Please contact the Office of Research Development with any questions you may have.

GRANTS.GOV: Find financial assistance (i.e., grants and cooperative) opportunities from U.S. federal government agencies. You can: (1) subscribe to e-mail notifications based on your saved search; (2) follow an RSS feed by agency or category; (3) browse opportunities; and/or (4) search for funding using various criteria. For RSS feeds, you need to add software, such as RSS Feed Reader, to your browser. Read more information about how federal financial assistance differs from federal contracts.RECOMMENDED FUNDING TOOLS AND NEWSLETTERS: Sign up for newsletters specific to your interests and discipline.
FEDBIZOPPS.GOV: Find procurement contract opportunities from U.S. federal government agencies. You will likely want to click the “Advanced “Search” tab to narrow down the search results. Read more information about how federal financial assistance differs from federal contracts.RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT & GRANT WRITING NEWS: A well-researched monthly newsletter focused on federal and private opportunities and grant writing practices.
FUNDING BLAST: This blog newsletter highlights funding opportunities and related resources that are well-aligned with the University's research priorities. WHO FUNDS WHAT?: A quick-guide from Academic Research Funding Strategies, LLC.
LIMITED SUBMISSION OPPORTUNITIES: Proposals for which the sponsoring agency has set limitations on the amount or requirements for proposals from an individual institution. In these cases, the Division of Research and Economic Development oversees an internal screening and submission process, in conjunction with associated colleges or departments. Email us at if you find a limited submission opportunity.PRIVATE FOUNDATION FUNDING: This resource from Academic Research Funding Strategies LLC identifies a number of private foundations that fund academic research.
EARLY CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: Special opportunities for new and early career faculty.RESEARCH CONSORTIA: Funding and partnerships in regional and national consortia.
EUROPEAN UNION RESEARCH FUNDING: EU research funding under the Horizon 2020 program. You may also be interested in the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellowship Programme, which provides numerous opportunities for short-term international research.