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Business Managers


Business Manager Tools

Business Manager Tools

These Business Manager Tools are currently UNDER DEVELOPMENT. During the coming months, OSP will continue to add new features to help college and departmental administrators more efficiently support their Principal Investigators.
Report TitleReport Description

Advance Reports

This report shows how many Advance Department IDs and Advance Spending Requests are open as of the report run date. Also, it identifies the dollar amount of the open Advances and how long the Advances have been open.

DEAR Property Clause Report

This report identifies which Awards require all Supplies acquired to be inventoried (e.g., Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC / Idaho National Laboratory awards). Supplies acquired under these Awards are Government property.

F&A Allocation Report

This report identifes, by month, F&A recovery allocations.

Frevvo Workflow Routing Roles

This report identifies workflows for routing proposals and Awards in Frevvo. Changes to workflow roles should be emailed to

Master Department ID List

This report cross-references among OSP Proposal Numbers, OFC Award Numbers and OFC Project Numbers. If you have one reference, you can find the others. This information is updated each Monday.

No-Cost Extension Reports

This report shows how many No-Cost Extensions are pending approval as of the report run date.

Pending Awards Report

This report shows, as of the report run date, the number and dollar amount of pending Awards, Award Amendments, Advance Department IDs and Advance Spending Requests. The "Award Status" column identifies, as of the report run date, the status of these pending actions after they have been received by OSP Contracting Services. This information is to be used in conjunction with the Audit Trail feature in Frevvo. The "OSP_CO" status in Frevvo is when OSP Contracting Services receives the action.

Procurement Standards for Sponsored Projects

The information in this report identifies the procurement requirements for specific sponsored projects, and is based on the output data from Frevvo.

Subawards Report

This report provides a list of all active Subawards under University prime awards. This report is updated each Monday.

Information About OFC Budgetary Controls

Effective November 2, 2018 and in response to feedback from campus, OSP has changed its budgetary control approach for budget category (e.g., salary, fringe benefits, travel, other expenses) spending on new and existing projects.  Transactions will not be stopped by Oracle Financials Cloud (“OFC”) when a budget category is overspent but the overall project still has budget remaining.*  Instead, OFC will provide users a warning. While this implementation does not permit overspending at the overall project level, college and departmental administrators are responsible for ensuring that expenditures are consistent with award terms and conditions.  The following are some non-exhaustive examples where extra vigilance is required:

For Federal and Federal flow-through awards, prior sponsor approval may be required for:

*Some awards may require more rigorous controls, but these will be handled on a case-by-case basis in coordination with departmental staff.

Subaward Guidance for Sponsored Projects

The Office of Sponsored Programs (“OSP”) is responsible for overseeing “Subaward” negotiation, acceptance and monitoring.  In collaboration with the University’s Principal Investigators, OSP issues Subawards (as defined in 2 CFR 200.92)  to Subrecipients to perform a portion of the University’s prime award.  Subawards are not “Contracts” (as defined in 2 CFR 200.22) for goods and services needed to perform a University award.  For more information, see 2 CFR 200.330 and the following guidance:

Procurement Guidance for Sponsored Projects

The University’s Purchasing Department is responsible for overseeing all University procurements.  Procurement actions include purchases of goods and services via p-cards and “Contracts” as defined in 2 CFR 200.22 (e.g., Purchase Orders, Contracts for Services). Procurement actions do not include “Subawards” as defined in 2 CFR 200.92.  For more information, see 2 CFR 200.330 and the following guidance: