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Forms & Templates

Our forms and templates are frequently updated. To ensure you have the most recent versions, please download the forms and templates from our website each time you need them.

OSP Forms, Guides & TemplatesFunctional Area****
Advance Department ID / Advance Spending RequestAward Management
Budget Adjustment RequestAward Management
Contract For Services FormAward Management
Cost Share Form**Proposal Preparation
Cost Share AffidavitAward Management
Cost Share Life CycleAward Management
Cost Share Transactions & Fund Balancing ExamplesAward Management
Data Management PlanProposal Preparation
Faculty Incentive Pay Program ("FIPP") AgreementProposal Preparation
Frevvo - OSP Proposal and Acceptance Workflow("Proposal Workflow")*Proposal Preparation
Grant Funding Distribution Form ("GFDF") Based on DollarsAward Management
Grant Funding Distribution Form ("GFDF") Based on PercentagesAward Management
Grant Funding Distribution Form ("GFDF") InstructionsAward Management
Industry Sponsored Research Agreement***Award Acceptance
Industry Sponsored Research Agreement Terms & Conditions, Ver. 0 (June 4, 2013)***Award Acceptance
Internal Budget TemplateProposal Preparation
International Sponsored Agreement (Cost Reimbursement)***Award Acceptance
Invention Disclosure FormAward Closeout
Non-Employee Research Experience for Undergraduates ("REU") Participant Agreement***Award Management
Recharge Center Rate Study (Auto Calculation)Recharge Centers
Recharge Center Rate Study (Simple)Recharge Centers
Recharge Center Services AgreementRecharge Centers
Reference Guide to the Uniform GuidanceAward Management
Request for Exception to Policy on PI Eligibility**Proposal Preparation
Request for No-Cost ExtensionAward Management
Request for Waiver of Facilities and Administrative ("F&A") Costs**Proposal Preparation
Service Agreement (Cost Reimbursement)***Award Acceptance
Service Agreement (Fixed Price)***Award Acceptance
Sponsored Research Agreement (Cost Reimbursement)***Award Acceptance
Sponsored Research Agreement (Fixed Price)***Award Acceptance
Subaward Agreement (Cost Reimbursement) - For Grants and Cooperative Agreements***Subawards
Subcontract (Cost Reimbursement) - For Contracts, Federal or Otherwise***Subawards
Subcontract (Fixed Price) - For Contracts, Federal or Otherwise***Subawards
Subrecipient Commitment FormSubawards
Third Party Cost Share Form / Certification**Proposal Preparation

* Detailed instructions for using the Proposal Workflow are found here.
** Because the Proposal Workflow is electronically signed by all of the relevant parties, a form designated with ** above will not need to be manually routed and signed.  Instead, the completed form (minus the signatures) will be uploaded into the Proposal Workflow.  When a party signs in the Proposal Workflow, she/he indicates her/his acceptance of: (1) the main text of the Proposal Workflow; and (2) all attachments uploaded into the Proposal Workflow.
*** For more information about these agreement templates, please contact OSP Contracting Services.
**** The functional areas are: (1) Find Funding; (2) Proposal Preparation; (3) Award Acceptance; (4) Award Management; (5) Award Closeout; (6) Commercialize Technology; (7) Subawards; and (8) Recharge Centers.