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Explore, the research magazine of Boise State University, is published by the Division of Research and Economic Development with support from the Office of Communications and Marketing.

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Boise State’s location in the shadow of the Rocky Mountain Foothills makes it a perfect place to expand on the university’s growing suite of research expertise in ecology, evolution and behavior. Exciting scientific discovery is being carried out in our own backyard and as far away as Mozambique, Africa, where the school recently signed an agreement to conduct research and other activity in Gorongosa National Park. Research by Boise State faculty is helping to inform the dialog about the diversity of life on Earth and how we can ensure a healthier ecosystem for generations to come.

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A New Dawn
Researchers are tackling tough environmental questions at Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, Africa.

 Evolutionary Tails
In the world of bats vs. moths, evolutionary adaptation is key to survival.

Empty Nesters
Golden eagles are responding to human encroachment in Idaho’s Owyhee Mountains by abandoning their nests.

The Inside Scoop
There’s still a lot to learn about the mysterious microbes that thrive inside the guts of their insect hosts.

Ants in Your Plants
Thieving harvester ants threaten the survival of a rare flowering desert plant.

Farming, Foraging and Human Resiliency
Artifacts can’t tell us much about a culture without inserting a deep understanding of the people who used them.

Artistic Endeavors
Colleges and universities play an important role in the cultural and artistic vibrancy of their communities, and are critical partners in economic health.