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Example Projects

C-TAP provides a wide variety of services that are delivered by our core team or through the many labs at Boise State that support industry work. Below are just a few of our recent projects to give you an idea of what we do.

  • CAD File Development- Ben Quimby of Quimby Marine came to C-TAP looking for assistance in developing a set of sophisticated CAD files to enable flow simulation of a new rudder system he invented. A C-TAP intern studied the advanced surfacing features of SolidWorks and then applied them to create the new models. This allowed the inventor to begin the work of flow simulation.
  • Identification of Unknown Materials– We frequently get requests to evaluate  unknown materials and contaminants. Our Chemistry and Biochemistry department will employ methods including FTIR, NMR and GC-MS if the material is organic in nature.
    If the material is metallic, ceramic, glass or crystalline, we refer clients to our Boise State Center for Materials Characterization, where they may employ a variety of methods in SEM/EDX or EDS, XRD, XPS and TEM and many other methods.
  • Compound Identities 1-12 removed to retain confidentiality of results
  • Materials Testing and Consulting-
    Ken Smith of HRW Manufacturing in Caldwell is part of a team that has designed and built a novel track system to drive pivot sprinklers. Ken has worked with C-TAP on multiple occasions to verify the performance of their design in the areas of tensile test and design analysis. C-TAP has also provided the design of custom tooling where needed.
    Tensile test results
    C-TAP has provided metallurgical consulting through our Micron School of Material Science and Engineering department to a local manufacturer to help them better understand their heat treating process and improve throughput. Below is an illustration from the report delivered by Boise State to highlight the possible phase transformations through heat treatment.

Transformation complete, about 1 hour

  • Experimental Testing- C-TAP is very involved in conducting experimentation. Here is one example- Boise State researcher, Dr. Tyler Brown, was asked to evaluate the efficacy of the Ankle RollGuard, a device designed by Boise inventor Christopher Dean for the purpose of reducing the risk of ankle injury. Dr. Brown worked with C-TAP to design and build a system that would be central to evaluation of the Ankle RollGuard and other devices used for similar purposes. Dr. Brown was able to to show the benefits of the Ankle RollGuard compared to the other devices.