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How We Can Help

Initial Meeting
A C-TAP member will meet with the client to discuss the problem they want solved. We can help by providing short term consulting work, facilitating a longer term contract with Boise State lab, or by referring the client to other business assistance entities and service providers. Once the nature of the problem is known, C-TAP will propose a course of action.

Technical Services
C-TAP can provide technical or consulting services to those clients with reasonably well-defined needs. C-TAP will engage Boise State faculty, students, staff, and laboratories as needed to solve the problem. C-TAP will make sure the necessary agreements are signed so that the nature of the work is kept confidential, as well as ensuring intellectual property is protected and managed in a way that meets the client’s needs. Depending on nature of work needed, C-TAP may be able to provide some of the services complimentary with additional services available on a contract basis.

Sponsored Research Agreement
For industry clients that seek the research expertise of Boise State, a sponsored research agreement would be a good option. C-TAP will facilitate a meeting between the client and the appropriate faculty and staff at Boise State to see what resources will be needed to properly address the research need. As with consulting work, C-TAP will ensure the proper agreements are in place to protect confidential information and intellectual property. Contracts and other aspects of this type of work will be managed by Boise State’s Office of Sponsored Programs.

Referral to other Entities
Idaho’s private sector is fortunate to have many business assistance entities and service providers available to them.  However, finding the one with the right mission and capabilities to solve a particular need might be challenging. C-TAP can assess the client’s problem and refer them to appropriate resource, whether it is a Boise State entity, a state or local agency, or a company in the private sector. From inventors looking for building space, to start-ups looking for capital, to mature companies honing their manufacturing processes, there are people to help and C-TAP can point you in their direction.