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IRB Applications, Forms and Samples

CHECKLISTS (for researchers)

Does IRB Review Apply?Use this form to help determine if your activity involves human subjects research (and requires an IRB review).
Does my Class Assignment Need IRB Review?Use this form to help determine if a class assignment involves human subjects research (and requires an IRB review).
Checklist for Graduate StudentsFor graduate students submitting an IRB protocol application for a thesis or dissertation study.


Exempt Protocol ApplicationFor research that meets the criteria for exempt review.
Expedited or Full Board Protocol ApplicationFor research that falls under expedited or full board review.
Instructions for Submitting Protocol ApplicationsContains instructions and a checklist for those submitting a protocol application for review.


Additional PersonnelComplete this form to list more additional investigators or key personnel for protocol applications.
Modification FormComplete this form if you need to make changes to an existing approved protocol application.
Renewal FormComplete this form to renew your expedited or full board protocol application for an additional year.
Final Report FormComplete this form if you have completed research involving human subjects.
Incident Report FormComplete this form if an unanticipated or adverse even has occurred.


Cover Letter for Anonymous SurveysInformed consent cover letter for anonymous surveys or research when signed consent is waived.
Instructions & Checklist for Basic Informed Consent FormUse this document for assistance in developing your informed consent form.
Informed Consent—BasicBasic informed consent document for subjects over the age of 18.
Informed Consent—Interviews/Focus GroupsSample informed consent document, including language specifically for interviews and/or focus groups.
Informed Consent—Use of Student Coursework DataSample informed consent document for researcher who wish to collect classroom/coursework data that will be collected regardless of the study.
Parent/Guardian Informed ConsentSample parental consent for research studies that involves subjects under the age of 18.
Debriefing FormSample debriefing form for research that involves deception. If your study was approved to use deception, a debriefing form is required.


Instructions and ChecklistUse this document for assistance in developing your assent form.
Assent Form (15-17)Sample assent form for minors age 15-17.
Assent Form (11-14)Sample assent form for minors age 11-14.
Verbal AssentSample verbal assent, often used with minors age 10 and younger.


Recruitment EmailExample of a recruitment email for adult participants.
Recruitment ScriptExample of what a researcher would say to recruit adult participants in person or over the phone.
Recruitment FlyerSample flyer for posting research study around campus, offices, etc.


Principal Acknowledgement LetterSample language that should be used when asking for permission to conduct research in K-12 schools.
Site Authorization LetterIf your research will take place with an organization outside Boise State, you must obtain permission from that organization.
Interview/Focus Group ScriptExample of how to structure an interview or focus group. The IRB must see a script for your interviews and/or focus groups as part of their review.