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Guidelines for Researchers

Computer/Internet-Based Research
Protecting participants when storing data on computers and conducting research on the web.

Guidance for use of deception in research and debriefing requirements.

Focus Groups
Guidance for the use of focus groups to obtain data.

International Research
Guidance on conducting research outside the United States

Instructor’s Guide to Class Assignments
Guidelines to assist instructors in determining when class projects meet the definition of research with human subjects and require IRB review.  Also includes basic guidelines on standard practices to use in class projects involving interaction with individuals, even if it is not under IRB purview.

Informed Consent Process
Guidelines for the different items to consider during the consent process.

Investigator Responsibilities
Understanding investigator and key personnel responsibilities.

How to make changes to your protocol application once it has been approved.

NIH-Defined Clinical Trials
National Institutes of Health (NIH) definition of a clinical trial and additional requirements.

Normal Educational Practice
What type of educational research may or may not qualify for review under the exempt criteria?

A brief introduction to the Federal office that oversees research with human participants.

Oral Histories
When are oral histories human subject research?

Recruitment and Advertising 
Guidance for recruitment and advertising, including a recruitment flyer template.

Renewal Process
How to renew your protocol application.

Snowball Sampling Recruitment Methods
The “snowball sampling” recruitment method may be approved by the IRB under some circumstances.  These guidelines include the IRB recommended safeguards if a snowball recruitment method is to be used.

Social & Behavioral vs. Biomedical
How to determine if your protocol application will be reviewed by the Social & Behavioral IRB or the Biomedical IRB.

Types of Review
Describes the three types of IRB review (exempt, expedited, and full board).

Using University Students in Research
Guidelines for investigators using BSU students who are or have been enrolled in one of the classes they are teaching.  Guidance includes information about curriculum and non-curriculum research, consent and FERPA.

Vulnerable Populations
Guidance on research with human subjects that are considered vulnerable.