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Animal Care Occupational Health & Safety Program


Boise State University (University) is committed to providing a safe and productive working environment for all employees and volunteers.  The University provides the following Occupation Health & Safety Program (OHSP) for all individuals working within Boise State animal facilities who are involved in the direct care of vertebrate animals and their living quarters, and those individuals who have direct contact with animals, their viable tissues, body fluids or wastes.

In hopes of reducing regulatory burden for our researchers we will be removing the Institutional Animal care and Use Committee Occupational Health and Safety Program Enrollment form from our website. Our Occupational Health and Safety Program is still a requirement, however, we have included this information as a portion of CITI training that must be completed prior to working with animals in research. If you or your students have any questions or concerns related to health risks associated with working with animals in a research setting, please contact us at or 208-426-5162 and we can refer you to a health care professional.

Animal Care Occupational Health & Safety Program

Health History Questionnaire



Occupational Health Services Provider