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  • Cheryl Jorcyk, biology.
  • Athletic training student checks pupil reactions at Borah High School.
  • Engineer Trevor Lujan studies ligaments.
  • Biologist Kristen Mitchell in the lab.
  • Mwaliko Mberwa and Michal Martinez in the linguistics lab.
  • Engineering faculty Vishal Saxena.
  • Monitors with people pointing

Division of Research and Economic Development

Welcome! Boise State University is committed to fostering an environment where research and creative activity thrive. The Division of Research and Economic Development leads this effort. We provide comprehensive support for faculty during all phases of the research endeavor; manage the university’s intellectual property portfolio; facilitate relationships with industry for research and commercialization collaboration; and lead outreach aimed at fostering economic development in Boise and the region.

Research also takes Boise State students on journeys across the globe. Boise State students Lauren Young and Gretel Care recently returned from the wild and remote Saunders Island to build on research being conducted by faculty in Boise State’s master’s program in raptor biology — the only program of its kind in the nation:


Jun 18 2018

New Study Shows Human Activity Creates a More Nocturnal Animal World

The joint study was conducted by researchers at Boise State University and the University of Cali...
Jun 07 2018

Graduate Student Earns National Grant to Present Research on New Hydration Sensor Material

The grant, funded by the National Science Foundation, was one of 11 nationally awarded to graduat...
Jun 06 2018

Third Boise State Student Wins Prestigious SMART Scholarship for Service

Drake currently is pursuing her doctoral degree in the university's new computing Ph.D. program.
May 31 2018

John Freemuth

John Freemuth Professor, Executive Director of the Andrus Center for Public Policy Public Policy ...
May 24 2018

Trevor Caughlin and Anand Roopsind

Trevor Caughlin and Anand Roopsind Assistant Professor and Post Doc Department of Biology College...

Video Highlight: Human-Environment Systems Science

Neil Carter with a sedated lion at Gorongosa National Park.The Human-Environment Systems Initiative is a National Science Foundation-supported program in “coupled human-environment systems” — systems in which natural and societal dynamics influence productivity and sustainability.

Team researchers work to understand and solve complex social, science and engineering questions and train a new generation of students to meet the challenges of the next century. The HES Initiative is a home for innovative approaches to research and education at the interface between society and the natural environment.